Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I began my art career in 1973 out of necessity when my husband died. I began painting motorcycle tank and helmets in order to provide for my two-year-old son and me while I attended Blair Business College in Colorado Springs, CO.

In 1975, I moved to Louisville, KY to pursue my love of horses and art. I began to carve picture, portraits and logos in leather items that I make. These were such things as notebooks, briefcases, and portfolios. I also painted signage.

I exhibited in show in OH, KY, NC, FL, OK, AZ, TX, TN, NM, IN as well as Toronto, Ontario. I mostly did horse shows and some rodeos. While at the Arabian Horse Canadian Nationals I was commissioned to do the awards for the stall decorating awards.

In 1983, I established and managed Bluegrass Equine Center. We trained and showed Arabian Horses. As a part of that operation, I offered camp for children who love horses and art. Several of the camps were for the financially handicapped children who could not have other wise attended theses camps. I taught them to ride and care for horses. I also taught them to create hand painted tee shirts, carve leather and to paint plaques. I also taught them how to market these items in order to pay for the camp cost.

In 1993, I married a Nebraska man. We moved to Nebraska. In 2003, I began sculpting in clay. I have exhibited at the Expo in Washington DC and at the Kansas City Doll Fair, and at Dragon Con 2006.

I teach several classes each year both in my studio and at other locations. I also do presentations on Artdolls and figurative sculpting for local clubs and organizations. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance to you.

A New Beginning

This is to begin a new beginning. I have checked out a few blogs and they seem like they could be a lot of fun. So here is mne.